Original Lucky Bag 

$59.99 USD for $120+ USD of health and fitnessproducts;

Available in the US only

Mini Lucky Bag 

$39.99 USD for $100+ USD of health and fitness products,

Available in the US only


Frequently Asked Questions


What are Lucky Bags?

Lucky Bags are mystery bags of health and fitness products (plus extra surprises if you’re really lucky). This year, we’re offering two types of Lucky Bags:


• Mini Lucky Bag ($39.99 USD for $100+ USD of products, available in the US only)


• Original Lucky Bag ($59.99 USD for $120+ USD of products; available in the US only)


What will I get in my Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bags are filled at random, so there’s no way to know what your bag will contain—it’s a surprise! Mini Lucky Bags will include $100+ USD of products. Original Lucky Bag will include $120 USD+ worth of products.


Can I choose which products/brands I receive in my Lucky Bag?

Mini and Original Lucky Bag are filled at random with products from Onetwofit and Co-brands. Every Lucky Bag is a surprise!

How many Lucky Bags can I purchase?

You can purchase only one Lucky Bag. Please note that we limit one Lucky Bag per order, customer, shipping address, and payment method.

When will I be charged for my Lucky Bag?

Your payment method will be charged in full at checkout when placing your Lucky Bag order.


Can I use Flexible Payments to pay for my Lucky Bag?

Sorry, Lucky Bags are not eligible for Flexible Payments at this time.


Can I return or exchange my Lucky Bag?

All Lucky Bag sales are final, so they’re not eligible for refunds, returns, or exchanges.


Do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is free for all Lucky Bags.



*Available in the US only;

*Due to the shortage of staff and logistics restrictions caused by Covid-19, we can’t repackage the Lucky Bag, so the products in Lucky Bag will be shipped from separate warehouses rather than in one package. Please think it over before placing your order.